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DSL Dhansai Laboratory
What is SeffShoe

Why I need SeffShoe
Who Else Need SeffShoe
For People With:
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Knee Pain
Corns or Callus
Flat Foot
Difficult or Painful Walk
Heel Spur/Calcanial Spur
Other Foot/Gait Problems

Where and How to get it?

About SeffShoe Labs
Dhansai Laboratory
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SeffShoe Diabetic FootwearManufactures state of art footwear. It is customized to the needs of individual's feet. It is produced after careful study of Foot and Gait Problems, using High Speed Videography, Flat Plantar Photography, Plantar Pressure Measurements etc. For Medical Practitioners we have Products for Neuropathy Detection, Plantar Pressure Measurement, Sensitherm, etc.
  Mission Statement:
We are aware that Millions of feet of people with Diabetes are likely to be amputated in forthcoming years. We know something to reduce this Number.
  We are doing what we must
Free CD for Podiatry products SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
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