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DSL SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
What is SeffShoe

Why I need SeffShoe
Who Else Need SeffShoe
For People With:
• Diabetes
• Diabetic Foot Ulcer
• Arthritis
• Knee Pain
• Corns or Callus
• Flat Foot
• Difficult or Painful Walk
• Heel Spur/Calcanial Spur
• Other Foot/Gait Problems

Where and How to get it?

About SeffShoe Labs

Why I need SeffShoe?

One wears dress stitched to his measurements. The tailor stitches cloths as per measurements for a perfect fit. Its tailor made. One wears spectacles. He goes to optician, he checks his eyes and measures his no. and prepares the glasses. The person chooses the frame but the glasses are made as per the no. One also wears the footwear. It should also be as per his measurements, it should fit perfectly, it should add grace and comfort while walking. SeffShoe is custom made footwear. Your foot form is measured, not only the length. Your gait and foot is analyzed and then it is made to suit Your requirements. That’s why one should wear SeffShoe

It's a Shoe
unlike other shoes
Customized footwear
With Foot analysis
With Gait analysis
With Plantar pressure
and corrections
For those having
Odd Foot shape
Painful feet
Wide feet
Flat foot
Heel pain
Painful walk
Mild deformity
Mild unstability
Obese condition
Reluctance to walk
Diabetic condition
Arthritic Condition
For Grace &

It is just for YOUR feet only
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