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DSL SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
What is SeffShoe

Why I need SeffShoe
Who Else Need SeffShoe
For People With:
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Knee Pain
Corns or Callus
Flat Foot
Difficult or Painful Walk
Heel Spur/Calcanial Spur
Other Foot/Gait Problems

Where and How to get it?

About SeffShoe Labs

Who Else Need SeffShoe

People with:


Anybody prone to diabetes, having family history of Diabetes, or is fat and / or has stressful life style would benefit by wearing SeffShoe. With SeffShoe, walking becomes comfortable and helps avoid or defer diabetes in waiting. Uncomfortable footwear will not enthuse a patient to do regular walking helpful in controlling diabetes. It will also lead to a sedentary life style which may lead to potential diabetes developing early.

"Foot First" in diabetes. Often the feet show the first signs or effects of diabetes on the body. Diabetic Poly-neuropathy develops early leading to loss of pain heat and cold sensations, alters the shape of the feet, and reduces sweating of the feet. All these abnormalities raise the risk of ulceration of a diabetic foot considerably. Persons with diabetes continue to walk since there is no pain, resulting in ulcers on the foot.

Treatment of chronic ulcer is costlier than Heart attack in diabetes. 15 to 25 % diabetics develop ulcers in a life time. Of that 1 to 2.5% ulcers lead to gangrene and major amputation. Using SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear will largely protect feet from getting ulcers.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

In spite of proper surgical and medical treatment Diabetic Foot Ulcers take long time to heal, unless they are offloaded. Either Therapeutic SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear helps to keep the persons mobile facilitating simultaneously healing of the ulcers in most of the cases.

People without Diabetes

Foot Deformed Due to Arthritis

Some varieties of arthritis cause deformed feet that makes walking painful with ordinary footwear. SeffShoe Arthritis Footwear helps reduce this pain to a great extent.

Knee pain

Alignment of the knee gets disturbed for various reasons. Pain while walking in such conditions can be reduced by using SeffShoe Corrective Footwear by realigning the knee and ankle joints. It improves walking.

Corn or Callus

Corns on the feet are extremely painful. Calluses often are not.. Both Corns and Calluses indicate extremely high pressure areas while walking. They are thus liable to crack and develop in to an ulcer. SeffShoe protective Footwear gives immediate relief from the pain arousing due to corn or callus.

Flat Foot

In some cases adults with Flat Foot find relief with SeffShoe Corrective Footwear as it supports the flattened arch of the foot and associated problems.

Difficult or Painful Walk

For some people walking or standing is painful for which SeffShoe Prophylactic / Comfort Footwear provide comfort.

Heel Spur/Calcaneal Spur

Heel Spur or calcanial spur is a thorn like growth bellow the heel. In the morning when one steps on the ground it pains. Slowly this pain reduces. But it remains constant after few days. SeffShoe Corrective Footwear gives almost instantaneous relief in most cases.

Other Foot/Gait Problems

Walking without footwear on moist sand on sea shore, or well watered play ground is an enjoyable experience in itself. SeffShoe Footwear provides nearly the same experience. For various reasons one cannot get the same feeling while walking with off the shelf footwear.


Off the shelf Footwear does not always match the feet because one leg could be slightly shorter than other, one foot longer than other, which makes walking difficult. In spite of expending lot of energy one cannot gain speed. Abnormal foot shapes may force walking on fore foot or hind foot. For many such problems SeffShoe Footwear may be your answer.

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