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DSL SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
What is SeffShoe

Why I need SeffShoe
Who Else Need SeffShoe
For People With:
• Diabetes
• Diabetic Foot Ulcer
• Arthritis
• Knee Pain
• Corns or Callus
• Flat Foot
• Difficult or Painful Walk
• Heel Spur/Calcanial Spur
• Other Foot/Gait Problems

Where and How to get it?

About SeffShoe Labs
SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
About Us
We make customized footwear. It is made with best quality leather, Rexine, Cloth and other Shoe material. It is customized to suit our customer’s needs. It is made considering the foot and gait of the customer to provide maximum comfort and safety

Wide range of product range includes, light weight comfortable home wear / out wear, it includes slip-ons, sandals, shoes and boots. All the products are customized to maximize comfort and compensate for foot/gait problems

We also make Designer footwear matching the fashion wear, ceremonial dress etc.
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