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DSL SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear
What is SeffShoe

Why I need SeffShoe
Who Else Need SeffShoe
For People With:
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Knee Pain
Corns or Callus
Flat Foot
Difficult or Painful Walk
Heel Spur/Calcanial Spur
Other Foot/Gait Problems

Where and How to get it?

About SeffShoe Labs

SeffShoe Laboratories

SeffShoe labs are Foot / Gait Laboratories

SeffShoe labs are the franchisees of SeffShoe Diabetic Footwear. These are equipped and manned for getting you properly fitting and appropriate Footwear. At these labs your Foot will get examined, videographed, Planter surface will get photographed in standing position and measured as per DSL point Standards. If required further tests for neuropathy assessment, plantar pressure measurement and thermal measurement will be carried out. This DATA will reach our MUMBAI HUB. It will get processed there. Then analyzed and a tailor made, rather Cobbler made Footwear will be made available to you.


Walking barefoot on wet sands of seashore or the damp play ground is a real pleasure. In SeffShoe labs a track stimulating the same feeling is laid. One walks on that track and the high speed videograph is shot. This lets one walk naturally. The same material is used in the SeffShoe Footwear's Foot bed. This Videograph is then analyzed At MUMBAI HUB by our experts for gait corrective Footwear.

Plantar Photography

People from certain disciplines need to stand most of the time in their profession. Standing pressure patterns and walking pressure patterns on the plantar surface of the foot differ. Hence to study that, plantar surface photography is done at SeffShoe labs.

Foot Mapping

DSL point is based on a standard measurement method. Variation in thickness of marking tool can lead to miss fitting shoe. Similarly this method reveals many Foot disorders.

Foot examination/History

Foot is looked for corns calluses wounds nail's colour etc. and marked accordingly to provide relief. Other information like neuropathic status, Standing, and walking patterns etc. is recorded.


Based on all the above the person is advised on the type of Footwear. How to take care of the Foot as per DFSI Guidelines.

Disbursement of SeffShoes

Once the Footwear is ready It is disbursed from the SeffShoe Labs. at this time its fitting is checked especially for deformed or wounded feet.

If You need further information Please Ask

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